“My reading with Patricia was mind blowing! I laughed and I cried. She saw me with incredible clarity and helped me look at the issues and people in my life in a new way. The brilliance and sensitivity of her reading was unlike anything I’ve experienced before with Tarot. I recommend her work to everyone.”

~Julia Loggins, Santa Barbara, CA



“Patricia Diorio is one of the most outstanding intuitives and well-researched talk show hosts of our day. Patricia intertwines her highly intellectual self with her spiritual awareness in such a way that her clients always receive a complete, informative and most importantly, a fulfilling session. Her readings are considered by many, some of the most comprehensive psychic readings one will experience.”

~Ann Oppenheim, Thousand Oaks, CA
Educator, Writer, Lecturer, & Spiritual Healer


“Wonderful insight! A great talent! I have readings with Patricia every three months and have found them to be valuable in breaking through the persistent blocks to my success and happiness.”

~Monty Hines, Spokane, WA
Musician/ Teacher


“My family and I have been Tarot clients of Patricia’s for over 6 years. Her readings have always been accurate, deeply helpful and brilliant. The guidance of her readings got me through three very rough years of my life. I am profoundly grateful for her very much needed support. I recommend Patricia to anyone seeking a clear, trustworthy channel for personal guidance through the Tarot.”

~Lumina, Santa Barbara, CA


“Patricia read for me when I became very ill. The hope and spiritual guidance she provided was invaluable to my healing process. Now a year later, I am happy, healthy and truly grateful to her for her guidance and love. As well, Patricia opened many doors for me in my spiritual life. She has been a catalyst for change in my life. I just love her.”

~Trinity Amanda Kess, Los Angeles, CA
Actor, Writer


“Working with Patricia through the Voyager Tarot has given me clarity in who I am and also provided direction for the future. Patricia’s intuitive spiritual guidance is exceptional and really comes through during the readings.”

~Trudie Town, Ojai, CA


“Illuminating! Patricia makes the Voyager Tarot come alive as she addresses different areas of our life and interprets the individual images and the major themes that emerge. She is gifted in her ability to communicate the messages of the Tarot and how they relate to the deepest aspects of who we are. Thanks to Patricia and the Tarot, I now live each individual moment as an integral part of an ongoing story that is my life.”

~Frederica Welch. Santa Barbara, CA


“The work I do with Patricia through the cards is a gift I give myself for greater knowledge, fulfillment, and peace of mind and spirit. The readings are always positive, creating an advanced sense of well being. As well, I trust that I can ask about very personal and current concerns.”
~Marlee Beyda, New York, NY



Library Media Specialist, Dept. of Education
“Working with Patricia was such a pleasure. Her intuitive expertise and her thoughtful insight and guidance were invaluable tools in helping me understand and appreciate the messages presented to me through the Tarot. She’s a passionate and gifted spiritual guide.”

~Monica Brock, Santa Barbara, CA


“I think the thing I like most about Patricia’s readings is that they are so deeply grounded in the present moment, and what needs to be the focus, here and now. This was enormously helpful to me in examining where I am holding back. I really appreciate the fine-tuning, and the renewed sense of forward motion.”

~Jennie Marlow, Boonville, CA
Spiritual Teacher


“I am pleased to recommend Patricia and the work she does. She brings love, integrity, and an approach to life that promotes change and moving forward.”

~Elizabeth Rutherford, MFT, Santa Barbara, CA


“Over the past three years, Patricia Diorio’s readings have helped me focus on what I really want in my work, relationships, home, finances, health and spiritual life, as well as what I can do to bring these about. She is brilliant and compassionate, unbelievably quick and intuitive. Fortunately for all of us, she shares these gifts interviewing leading edge thinkers on her radio and television programs…and she’s definitely up to speed with those she interviews. Not only do her readings inspire me, but her life is an inspiration.”

~Patricia Rushton, Santa Barbara, CA