We often wonder, in the sunset of our lives here on earth, what else is waiting for us? Is there something or someone on the other side.

In this episode of Align With The Divine, Patricia sits down with Dr. James Kwako, an expert in Integrative Medicine, and author of the books Mobilizing Your Healing Power and Healing Loss. Together they talk about inspirational stories of people with near death experiences and those who were touched by friends and family that have passed on to the other side.

What to expect in this episode?

01:09 – Dr. Jim’s background and practice

04:47 – On moving into integrative medicine.

10:37 – Defining Integrative Medicine.

14:43 – What inspired Jim to write the first book?

23:10 – Bringing in Edgar Casey’s work into practice.

25:02 – Dr. Jim’s second book and the IANDS

29:23 – Reconciling reincarnation with Catholicism

31:02 – A personal encounter with death.

36:13 – A story about Dr. Jim’s mother-in-law

38:41 – Patricia’s personal story of losing someone

43:31 – The story of Dr. Jim’s sister in a hospital

46:14 – Suzanne Giesemann’s fascinating ability

50:18 – The story of Eben Alexander

55:00 – Defining heaven and hell

1:00:03 – “those who leave us, heal us.”

1:04:07 – Attachment of the senses to the physical universe

1:06:14 – Being grateful and treating life as sacred.

1:09:52 – Pearl of Wisdom


Who is Dr. James Kwako?

Dr. Kwako is a Family Physician practicing in Santa Barbara for over 30 years. He practices integrative, holistic medicine, and is a minister in the International Science of Mind church for Spiritual Healing. He has been an Instructor for the School of Extended Learning, the adult education program of Santa Barbara City College for 30 years. Dr. Kwako is the author of Mobilizing Your Healing Power and Healing Loss.


Connect with Dr. James Kwako:

Website: https://jameskwakomd.com

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About Patricia Diorio:

Patricia is a passionate speaker and entertaining storyteller. She is committed to informing, inspiring and motivating people to achieve their goals and dreams through an understanding of how we create our desired realities through conscious intentions. She is the creator, executive producer and co-host of Get Conscious Now! a television show produced in Santa Barbara, CA, and is now syndicated in over 20 markets across the US.

Over the past 14 years she had demonstrated how science and consciousness are beginning to converge, through her interviews with more than 300 pioneers of evolutionary thought, such as Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Bruce Lipton. In addition, with a Masters in Counseling Psychology, she brings several decades of experience in education and counseling to her private practice as a consciousness coach in SB, CA and online.



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