Mentoring Practice

One to One Mentoring – 60 minute weekly sessions for three months. This mentoring program will help you deepen your spiritual awareness and help you get clear on what you really want and how best to manifest it working with me as your spiritual guide.

Group Mentoring – 2 hour weekly Practical Spirituality Circle; limited to 6 people only. This is a three month program to help you deepen your spiritual awareness. We work with the text “I AM THE WORD” and also with the Tarot with each person having their own deck. 

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Tarot Readings – One to one sessions working with the Voyager Tarot Deck. The Tarot is an invaluable tool which will reveal aspects of yourself and your life that may surprise you, but may also be a confirmation of what you’ve already intuited to be true. You are the real Oracle,…that place in you that is your Higher Self or True Self that has all you answers. 90 and 60 minute readings are available.

Transformational Speaking and Storytelling – As a professional speaker, I would love to present a keynote to your business or civic groups i.e. Rotary, Optimist or other on what it means to live a conscious life.