What if every concern that we have and every emotion that has driven us to care for the world is irrelevant?

Join us in this episode as Patricia sits with Jacob Glass in a perspective-shifting conversation rooted in the teachings of A Course in Miracles. Jacob’s no-hype approach to a very unconventional teaching method draws people from all over. 

Tune in to learn more about why we should leave the world alone and be on our way.

What to expect in this episode?

01:13 – Jacob’s bio and A Course in Miracles

05:15 – On being ‘drafted’ by God

08:29 – San Diego and working with Terry Cole-Whittaker

12:41 – Moving to Santa Barbara, learning, and growth.

15:22 – Unity House and the 12 in the living room

16:30 – Teaching what you want to learn.

17:58 – Miraculous process of letting go and surrendering.

22:28 – Things perfectly falling into place.

24:29 – On first meeting with Marianne Williamson

26:40 – The essence of A Course in Miracles

29:04 – Forgiveness and inner peace.

31:27 – “Forgiveness to destroy”

36:17 – On Helen Schucman and Bill Thetford

47:34 – The few who answered the call.

52:30 – About Paul Selig

54:18 – Paradigm Shift versus living in your own reality

58:23 – Waking up to the truth of who we are.

1:00:33 – Everybody is attracting what they’re focused on

1:03:46 – Leave the world out of it and get on your way.

1:08:46 – Projection makes perception.

1:10:40 – Everyone’s talking to themselves.

1:15:17 – You’re creating your own experience all the time.

1:23:42 – Pearl of Wisdom

Who is Jacob Glass?

Brother Jacob is a non-denominational minister, teacher and author. He has been writing, teaching, lecturing and counseling since the mid 1980’s throughout Southern California – in San Diego, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara. His sessions are deep, funny, uplifting, and life-changing. He has been teaching spirituality and prayer from the age of 8. He worked in a Franciscan Monastery after high-school and entered full-time ministry in 1990 after moving to Santa Barbara and beginning to lecture on A Course in Miracles at the Unity church. He uses the title “brother” instead of “reverend” because both the monks at the monastery and textbook of a Course in Miracles uses that particular title – it denotes equality rather than hierarchy, since everyone is equal in God.

​Connect with Jacob Glass:

Website: https://www.jacobglass.com

Unity of Santa Barbara: https://unitysb.org

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About Patricia Diorio:

Patricia is a passionate speaker and entertaining storyteller. She is committed to informing, inspiring and motivating people to achieve their goals and dreams through an understanding of how we create our desired realities through conscious intentions. She is the creator, executive producer and co-host of Get Conscious Now! a television show produced in Santa Barbara, CA, and is now syndicated in over 20 markets across the US.

Over the past 14 years she had demonstrated how science and consciousness are beginning to converge, through her interviews with more than 300 pioneers of evolutionary thought, such as Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Bruce Lipton. In addition, with a Masters in Counseling Psychology, she brings several decades of experience in education and counseling to her private practice as a consciousness coach in SB, CA and online.

Connect with Patricia:
Webste: https://alignwiththedivine.net/YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@alignwiththedivinewithPatricia