Humanity is Awakening

A major paradigm shift is sweeping our planet and changing our conceptions of ourselves. We are awakening to our authentic nature as unlimited spiritual beings having a human experience. Recognizing ourselves as inherently Divine creators of our own realities is a profound change in the belief structure of society. 

What I find especially exciting about this time in our history is that science and spirituality are beginning to intersect. The truism that everything in the universe is connected, for example, is reflected in the recently-discovered phenomenon of “quantum entanglement.” 

At higher levels of consciousness, we increasingly understand how we create our reality through our intentions, which are comprised of our thoughts, feelings and words thus influencing our behavior and ultimately the choices that we make in our everyday lives. These choices ultimately shape the flow of our lives, and lead to the manifestation of creating a happy life of fulfillment, freedom, fearlessness and fun.

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